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Easily Find Available Popular Domains To Snaffle

Find Forgotten Popular Domains!

Monthly licences are now available.

Monthly licences for  Tube Snooper are now available. Find domains with huge trust scores and millions of Youtube views at the usual price for domains from your regular domain provider. Search them out with TubeSnooper, then register them and build a new site with an immediate benefit or point them to your existing site and see the benefit on your own domain.

Did you ever want to find a domain name someone had let expire? One that had maybe MILLIONS of views but the owner had forgotten about and let lapse? Imagine what you could do with a domain name like that! You could put up a site and get instant traffic or redirect traffic to a site you already own,  or to an affiliate link,  or… the possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to dream anymore.

You can now get a monthly licence for a product that will let you find expired domain names on popular videos, pin and posts – TubeSnooper

You just insert your chosen seed keyword for your niche, let the software find a whole list of related keywords, select the ones you want and get a list of all expired domains on Youtube and Pinterest related to your key words. There is also a list of thousands of expired domains with links and even trust factors on Wikipedia and others with thousands or even millions of views on Youtube. There is also a new tool with expired domains from citation sites and local domains. Some of these do not have keywords in the title, yet have Wikipedia trust or YouTube views in the millions.

You can then register those domains and use them to drive traffic to a new site or one you already own or put up a new site with an affiliate offer, or even just sell the domain on a domain flipper site, etc. Some Youtube videos have MILLIONS of views but the domain names have been allowed to expire – imagine!

There are also popular Pinterest pins in niches, and Pinterest is a HUGE traffic and sales generator.

TubeSnooper lifetime licences were ONLY available until July 13th but now you can get a monthly licence.  Check out TubeSnooper Now!