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Doodly Is A Fantastic Video Creator

Just Bought It Last Night!

foot-450378_1280A whole load of people have been promoting a new video creator – you know, the ones that write and draw on screen while you watch. I wasn’t going to buy it, thought it would just be another shiny object but I watched a webinar last night, promoting Doodly and I was hooked. I bought it last night but it was very late, so I waited til this morning to try it out.

So Easy!

I didn’t bother reading any instructions or watching any videos on how to use it, just tried it out and it’s so easy to use and so much FUN! I created a 4 scene video but I won’t do that again. When I watched the final video, I realised that every word and scene is drawn each time you have a new scene, so it’s best (and easiest) to go with one scene. It’s also easy to move around the order in which the items are drawn and to put words on screen. I also added an item from Pixabay and it got drawn fine. The software includes royalty free music and a number of items to add to your page if you wish. It’s just drag and drop!

There’s More To Learn

I have only touched a few of the things you can do with this video but I have created and uploaded a video made today with no training and no instructions and in just a few  minutes. Take a look:

If you would like to buy Doodly, why not buy it here?