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What Is A Proxy

Proxies are useful no matter where in the world you are.

In order to understand what a proxy is, first you need to know:

What is an IP address?

Your IP address is the address of your computer. Every electronic gadget that can connect to the internet has an IP address. Just like your home address – it tells the “postmaster” where to find you – it tells the “postmaster” what COUNTRY you are in.

Some web sites (like Yahoo, Google, netflix and Pinterest, for instance) send you to a different site depending on what country you are in.

Your IP ADDRESS determines your content

Some sites will only deliver content to their own country. So maybe you have seen those blank video windows that say, “sorry this content is not available in your country”? The site owner or video owner is only willing for their content to be seen by someone in a particular country. If you are accessing the website from outside that country, they won’t show it to you.

However, if you are using a proxy that is in that country, then you would be able to view it. A Proxy appears to CHANGE your IP address. It seems as though you are somewhere else. (It doesn’t actually change it, it just routes your information via a different path, so it LOOKS as though you are elsewhere.)

A proxy is an IP address that you can use, of somewhere that is NOT your computer. A computer (server) in the USA has a USA IP address. You can USE that computer’s IP address if you want to access information or videos in the US. It acts as a go-between – a diplomat – an intermediary. All your internet traffic traffic goes THROUGH that IP address and you look as if you are in the USA. A proxy can be anywhere in the world, provided there is a computer in that country