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Top 10 Reasons To Use Instagram Guest Post

Why Use Instagram?



Do you know WHY you should use Instagram as part of your business advertising and networking? Social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for instance, is becoming more and more popular as more people (especially young people) use their mobile phones to access the Internet and make purchases. Using social media correctly can get YOUR website ranked on Google and organically shared with people who are interested in your product or service.  For Instagram, take a look at the infographic titled “Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses should Use Instagram” to see why you need a presence on there.

These include the compelling reasons that:

  • people are spending more time than ever on Instagram – a growing audience
  • Instagram has over 800 milliion active users each month
  • Instagram users are more likely to purchase via their mobiles and every business owner has to know that mobiles are increasingly becoming the tech choice of use with users these days.

Check out the rest of the Infographic for more reasons why you should be using Instagram to promote your business. You can see the infographic in full at Virtual Leap


This has been a  guest post by Danny Smith, the owner of Virtualeap Web Design who offer web design services to small and medium sized businesses. Other digital marketing services are also available including social media marketing, seo, landing page design and email marketing.

In order to move forward with a business, creative thinking, adaptability and attention to detail are imperative. In addition, networking, and the application and understanding of new technology are intrinsic to managing and marketing a business effectively.

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