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Starting With Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? It’s a site that allows you to collect pictures of things that interest you. You can also upload your own pictures for others to look at. This makes it very useful for a website owner because you can use these pictures to bring traffic to your website. Each one of the pictures on a Pinterest site has a URL linked to it (a web address). If someone clicks on the picture, they will be taken to the web address linked to that picture. If you upload interesting pictures to Pinterest that are linked to your site, you could bring more traffic to your site.

If you are interested in starting with Pinterest, you only need an email address. Just go to www.Pinterest.com and sign up. You will be asked to choose some subjects that you are interested in and that will be you started. You will be presented with pictures of what other people have “pinned” and you will be able to click on those and save them to your “boards”. Think of it just like pinning a postcard to your cork board on a wall.