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Adding Graphics to Content

Graphics are a great addition to web pages. They make your web page much more attractive and can be used on social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest. Your own photographs are easy to take and upload to your webpage but if you don’t have a photograph that is relevant to your content, then you can get free pictures from many sites, such as Pixabay and Unsplash. These sites have many beautiful pictures covering all sorts of subjects. You can also buy PLR graphics or get your own graphics, cartoons or infographs created for you, whether on such places as Fiverr or by hiring your own VA. Your photograph or graphic should be relevant to the content but you can also be creative in how your relate it, if you can’t get something that is exactly what you need.

Take photographs of your meals, (eating out, eating in, preparing food, etc) your activities (walking, skating, spectating, etc) your daily life. There is always something you can use. Remember you may need a model disclaimer if you are using pictures of people. That’s why I prefer to use photographs already on free sites or photos without people included (or with their back turned).

It is possible to make a number of posters in quite a short time with some software. I like to download a number of related photographs from a free site, find a quote I want to use, then use a free online editor to create a number of posters, with different photographs but the same text. You can even add your photos into video software to create a video for use on social media. Here are some posters made fairly quickly using free software. The page is password protected. If you do not have the password, you can contact me through the contact page.