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What Is A VPN?

Virtual Private Network Explained

VPN stands for the term Virtual Private Network. It is commonly used by companies to offer remote access to their own workers to keep secure their organizational network. For example, you may be working from home and you need access to files on your office computer or you need to connect to programs or applications that are only available through your office network. If your office has a virtual private network installed and your computer or laptop is configured to connect to this VPN, then you can access what you need from the office without worrying about the data’s security when transported through the internet and without physically going into the office to get those files or use that program. This is totally different from a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Virtual Private Networks are also used to hide the IP address of an individual’s computer while browsing the internet. This allows you to surf the internet anonymously or even access location-restricted services such as internet TV or bypass local internet restrictions.

VPN Account

If you are looking for your own VPN, as opposed to using one provided through your workplace, you probably need it for the second use, that is, accessing internet TV. There are virtual private network services offered over the internet. Some are free and others come at a fee. The free ones are good, but they cannot guarantee you total security. So, the paid ones are better and they go for as cheap as $5 per month. If you wish to get total anonymity, then a premium VPN account is what you should go for. Most of the VPN providers make it as easy for the user as possible- no software to install, no IP number configuration and easy instructions to follow. If you choose a premium VPN account, it means additional features such as added encryption to the data you send to websites, a dedicated IP address, and a choice of server locations.

What Will You Use It For?

That said, you should decide on how you are going to use a VPN before subscribing to any service: is it for just browsing? Is it for downloading torrents? Watching TV? Each VPN service provider will have its own terms and conditions and some will have restrictions against certain activities like P2P file sharing of intellectual property (that is, stealing someone else’s copyrighted property). It is, therefore , best to look and read the fine print before you commit to any service.

Another tip is to go with providers who offer trial periods. This shows that they have confidence in their services and you will be able to judge whether the service works for you or not. Also check the internet speed. Is it reliable or is there downtime at certain times of the day? You need to assess the support system as well. Note how long they take before they respond to your questions, how well they understand your questions and if they actually help. You simply need to know whether the service is worth the cost.

Looking For Help On VPNs Ahead Of Time

Online forums are good sources of feedback on certain virtual private network services providers. Testimonials are good, but there is hardly ever anything negative with them. However, if you read online forums, you will be able to know the good and the bad of the VPN service provider you are considering. If there is just too much negative feedback on a particular provider, then you should look for one that won’t disappoint you. Online forums can save you a great deal of time when it comes to choosing a VPN service provider.