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Latest Webinar – 60 second Ranking in Google – Thursday 4 February 2016

Jon Leger and Amin Motin held a webinar on Thursday 4 February 2016 about getting Page 1 rankings in Google in about 1 minute, or maybe 2 or 3 minutes if the internet was busy or your connection slow! It’s over now of course. The webinar itself, as usual, was full of really useful information about how Google spreads its link juice over a site and about how pages can be ranked in Google for keywords even when the page was not perhaps designed around that keyword (my words and understanding of what was being said). Sadly for me, the Thursday webinars start at 10pm in the UK and often go on for up to 4 hours. I don’t always manage to stay to the end, much as I might like.

Holy Grail

The webinar was promoted as opening 30 minutes before the advertised start time so I logged on at 9.30pm UK time (4.30pm EST) to see what was being offered. I had heard Jon Leger talk about a particular website before Christmas and how pages added to that site appeared in Google search results extremely quickly and did not just “appear” (i.e. “indexed”) but RANKED, that is, in the top few pages of Google results. Of course, for anyone wanting to sell or promote anything, being able to get your web site into the top few pages on Google is the Holy Grail of marketing, after all, how many people go deeper into search results than the first page of Google results, or maybe pages 2 and 3?


I was actually quite shocked when I saw the first slides being listed on the site before the webinar proper started. I had understood that the webinar might be about the special website I mentioned above and had assumed that the offer would be to do with getting articles published on it, so when I saw the cost, I was STAGGERED, to put it mildly! I even thought of turning the webinar off and not bothering to listen because the price was way above what I expected to pay BUT, I stayed to listen because

  1. I have listened to a number of Jon and Amin’s webinars previously and have always got really good information from them, whether I bought a product or not;
  2. I was willing to wait, trusting that the reason for the high price was a really good one (it was!);
  3. I expected that there would be a really good offer and while I had not expected to be paying for a high ticket item, it might well be worth my while to wait, listen and assess what they were saying


I had been expecting to see an offer for articles or pages but in fact the offer is for a complete website hosted as part of the special site. This is a WordPress website that you fully control and on which you can add any articles you choose (subject of course, to no adult, gambling, gaming sites or articles). Each site will be a subdomain of the special site and only one person can have a particular subdomain name, (rather like domain names themselves). Now of course, like domain names, you can get subdomains that have different names but cover the same rough area or you can get niche areas within a larger niche. There were 4 offers, one was for a website, paid annually, one for an authority nichejet site, paid annually and the other two offers were the monthly equivalent costs for the same items. So you could pay an annual fee or a monthly fee.


I needed to think very carefully about this, because I don’t have a lot of money to throw around, although I would not be spending the rent money or food money if I chose to get it. (Amin made it very clear during the webinar that while this is a good deal, you should not get it if it would put you into financial difficulty.)


  • It is expensive. The cost (outside of the offer) is nearly $1000 annually, for a hosted site or a set up fee of $245 and $97 monthly and even more if I wanted a nichejet authority site included – but there was an offer – see the pros below
  • It’s an annual (or monthly) cost, not one-off, but hosting is included
  • There’s a risk. I am always risk averse. I might not do anything with it. People who purchase shiny objects (Shiny Object Syndrome – SOS) are always looking for the next best thing instead of working with what they already have.
  • There’s a risk. Google might bring out another animal on top of the panda and the penguin, maybe the parakeet or the parrot or whatever comes next in their armoury of algorithms but that could hit any site, including the ones i already have


  • Cost – if I took up the offer (valid only until Sunday 7th February 2016) I got it for less than half the usual price and that reduced price would remain each year I kept it on.
  • Hosting – the cost of hosting is included. I pay for my own hosting costs for all my websites but I always get “shared” hosting. Getting your own personal (business) hosting is expensive, so that could save me a little money elsewhere, if I transferred some of my articles over to this site.
  • Business is a risk anyway. It’s a BIGGER risk if I don’t do anything. I am not getting any younger, so the sooner I find what I like and enjoy and WORK at it, the sooner I will know whether or not this is for me. It’s an annual cost. If I make back the cost (and hopefully more) by next year, then I will know whether to continue or to cancel.
  • Ranking in Google. I have tried a number of things to help rank my websites in Google, with no luck. I saw a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of getting a web page ranked on Page 1 in Google inside 3 minutes, in fact inside 40 seconds in one case!
  • Traffic. Anyone trying to promote anything on the internet, whether as an Amazon affiliate, an Adsense affiliate or their own business needs TRAFFIC. Without traffic, your website is just rubbish. Having seen a live demo for ranking a page, it seems like a no-brainer to try something that could bring me traffic to my websites and maybe help my sites become self-sustaining and perhaps even profitable!
  • The subdomain names will be apportioned out on a first come – first served basis, so the sooner I applied and paid for a site, the more likely I would be to get a subdomain I really wanted and would be happy with.
  • It appears that pages could be rented out to businesses wanting to rank in Google, which provides a possible source of additional income! The webinar provided examples of this, though of course, therre are never any guarantees.


I am not actually sure if the offer applies to anyone who wasn’t at the webinar, but the offer page is available here if you want to take a look or even grab it. The offer codes (to reduce the price) are shown on the page. The offer stays open for those who attended the webinar until Sunday 7th February. After that, they disappear altogether. Apparently some people bought 4 at a time!

Take Action – It Pays Off

60 second ranking sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? But if you have been following Jon Leger’s webinars recently, you will know he over delivers on what he says he will do.  A previous webinar was on Keyword Research and after the seminar, one attendee said he had listened to Jon talk about “taking action”, so he bought the suggested software while the webinar was on, listened to the websites that were suggested for selling keyword research and had made 3 sales by the time the webinar was over! Now how about that for taking action?