Using Music as Content

It’s great fun to take music and use it to make your page stand out from everyone else’s. You can purchase Royalty Free Music that you can legally use on ANY of your pages, personal or commercial and the music can make your page much more interesting. For instance, listen to this piece of music.

It is called “haunted” and was purchased from Anita – who created and published royalty free music. (I used to link to her page but unfortunately, Anita has died and the page is no longer available.) The music can be used just as it is, or it can be changed by using any music program. A very useful free audio program is “Audacity”. This program can be used to change just about everything in the music. For instance, you can slow it down, speed it up, change the pitch and add your own words – lyrics or even use it as backing to a poem.

I have done this with the next piece of music – a lullaby produced using royalty free music purchased from the RoyaltyFreeMusicQueen. I wrote the words and sang them to the music. The original music was titled “Reflections” and I used the free downloadable music tool “Audacity” to lower the pitch of the music so I could reach the top notes! I searched for free photographs on Pixabay that would suit the theme of “Lullaby” and then imported the music, singing and photographs to Camtasia to create an MP4 that could be uploaded to the net. This lullaby has proved VERY popular with a certain young person and it is a necessity for getting her to sleep for her daytime nap and going to bed at night! I am going to add this twice, once as a single run through (top version) and then on repeat (lower version) because it sometimes needs several run-throughs to get her to calm down ready to sleep.

You can also use music as a backdrop to poetry. For instance, a Christmas possibility is to use a piece of royalty free music and read a Christmas poem to it, such as “The Night Before Christmas” Again, if the music is too fast or too short or long, you can use Audacity to make it suit your needs.