Getting Your Page Ranked- SEO

It’s all well and fine writing the best content ever but no one will see it if your website isn’t ranked in the search Engines. The technical term for work that helps to get your website ranked is SEO – Search Engine Optimization / Optimisation.

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SEO means writing your content in a way that the search engines like and that helps it to be found easily. It also includes work you do on promoting your website and getting links from other sites, so that your site gains more credibility. The more credibility your site has, the higher up the search engine pages it will move. One of the best exponents of this technique is Jon Leger, who has earned over $17 MILLION dollars online in the past 5 years. He knows a LOT about getting web sites ranked in the search engines, especially Google. Well, where do YOU search for information when you are browsing the net?

Jon Leger held a webinar to cover the information in this book. It lasted for 4 hours and people were still begging for more and over 90% of those who started listening to the webinar were still there at the end. (I was one of them.) The reason for this is because Jon Leger is a master of his subject and Amin Motin, who is a co presenter, not only knows this stuff (he also earns a living on line) but is also a master TEACHER. He challenged Jon on any points that were unclear and made sure that everything was crystal clear for newbies and anyone else. The webinar was recorded and made available for download for those who had registered to attend, so they could listen at their leisure later on. Of course the benefit of being on the live webinar was that you got to ASK QUESTIONS on any part of the presentation that you wanted to clarify. Remember to download your FREE copy of Jon’s book on SEO!

The next available webinar will be on finding the right Keywords to get your site to rank high in Google. This will be held 21 January 2016.